Parents: $10,000 Scholarship 

Here is information on the ticket sales and scholarship bonus offer from robotboxing.US

Prospective Owners:


Serendipity or Singularity, the world is on the verge of robotboxing!

A seven-foot tall robotboxer will mezmerize anyone who looks up to it.

Robotboxing taps a prime demographic: billions of youth.

Robotboxing is low-cost with global potential. There are no cultural barriers with robots. 

You don't need a stadium. You don't need high-salaried athletes prone to career-ending injuries. You don't need hundreds of millions to field a robot.  Unlike a minor league baseball team trapped in a local market, a triumphant robot can shine in glory before the world!

Only in retrospect would people invest in football, autoracing, or pro-wrestling. With cultivated marketing and determination, these leagues struggled out of obscurity and economic distress to become today's billion-dollar well-respected firms. With acute business sense, they bring entertainment, audience, and advertising together.

Will you join that elite club and even exceed them?

Robotboxing will be global entertainment for the rest of the century. 

This is your chance to participate in an unregulated global entertainment empire.

That is the vision here at  Technology can transform a corrupt and worn out bloodsport into exciting harmless entertainment using artificial intelligence and robotics.  This will revolutionize boxing to provide an exciting reliable stream of entertainment you can bank on. 

Now is the time to build a robotboxing league, where characters are created by artists and roboteers, in a flourishing competitive crucible. 

Consider: the winnings of the top 50 racehorses of all time are between: $4 million and $10 million. 

What is the income-potential of a robotboxer, knowing that a robot can last forever, if maintained? A horse can't do endorsements, sign autographs, or talk. A robot surely will. A horse needs a lot of rest between races, risks his life, and only goes to stud 200 times per year. Via merchandizing, a robot can "stud" limitless toys. If a robot can box, what other entertainment can he do? Dance with the stars? Land on Mars? 

To reserve your right to purchase a team for 60 days, please read the organizer's agreement and submit the requested fee. You will receive the master contract and letter of intent shortly. You will find an attractive profit-sharing structure that is owner-friendly, flexible, and congruent with enterprise success. If you have suggestions, mention them. When you are ready, sign the letter of intent indicating your profit-sharing preference.   

Anything you need, just ask.



Lorenz Kraus


TEAM Organizers 


To be an Official Robotboxing.US TEAM Organizer:

Please read the organizer agreement and submit the refundable organizer fee via paypal. 

At your request, your contact information, e.g. a LinkedIn link, will be available on this page.

The fee is refundable upon league launch, which happens after a minimum of eight owners have signed the letter of intent and are paid in full.

If the league fails to materialize, the fee is non-refundable. That's a good incentive to succeed.

Organizers would describe themselves as people who are directly interested in purchasing a team and have the means to do so; or are close to someone who has the means and can discuss an acquisition. Your prospects may be a toy company, technology company, media company, venture capital, ex-sportsmen, established owners in established sports, you name it.

Please bring in people with integrity and good reputations. Reliable robots demand reliable people.

An organizer will attain a bonus of 5% of the team purchase price, without ownership rights. If you want to apply your bonus to the team ownership, that is between you and the owner, and it has to state that on the letter of intent.  

There will only be 100 organizers and a max of 30 teams.

Please note that a fee of $1000 is required every 60 days to maintain your standing as an organizer. This assures that the organizational effort does not go cold. 

If two or more organizers work together, they must mention how they wish their bonus to be split, when sending the fee, so that is settled beforehand. In the event two or more organizers have interest, you will received contacts information to see if your prospects can combine into one letter of intent.  The bonus will be split proportionate to what your side brings to the table.

So, if you know one or two people who might be interested in an ownership position, you could make a great organizer. It only takes one success to be successful.

If you aren't in a position to organize a team, make sure you sign up as a fan below. 

The requested fee acts as a carrot and a stick. It is a carrot because it is a personal affirmation that you have people you can discuss this with; that elevates you from everyone else. It is a stick because the league has to form to get a refund. The bonus, of course, is your reward for helping to start a great enterprise.  





 Questions and Answers

Where will the robot come from?

A basic problem in robotics is the lack of smoothness and realtime action.  We believe we have a solution that makes a realistic boxing robot possible. The solution improves athleticism, realism, and can serve the game.

1) Teams can develop their own robot that meets basic specifications, and those of the owner's rules committee.  2) They can customize a robot out of the Robotboxing.US development works once available. 3) Team owner's can also draw on outsiders for robot development using an outside or open source robot that meets specifications.

Who will maintain the robot?

Mutual cooperation is always an option. The design and maintanence of a robot character will require a team of creatives: roboticists, roboteers, and artists, just like a race car. All teams can use the same essential robot form, as they may decide, in the owner's rules committee.  To save on costs, it may suit owners to have one expert to work on a stable of robots, or on certain aspects of all the robots, especially, in the case of the artwork.

Planning, programming boxing tactics, and audience engagement are unique competitive aspects that they will likely maintain as a team secret.  

Details will be decided by the owners in cooperation with the owner's rules committee.

Who will pay for the robot and maintenance team?

$1 million of the purchase price of each bid is rebated back to the team to pay for the team expenses and the team robot. Part of the rebate option is the robotboxing.US robot "at cost," once available. The rest of the team bid is reserved for marketing and league development, as specified in the owner's contract.

How much is a team slot?

You pick the price depending on how much profit-sharing you seek.

How much profit-sharing is there?

The more you pay for the initial team slot, the more profit you share.

Profit-sharing is based the profit-sharing terms the owner selects and specifies in the letter of intent.

Why is it set up that way? 

The business requires marketing and development; the more money to market and develop robotboxing the better, especially, early on. Thus, the profit-sharing structure maximizes available funds for early marketing when the business is most vulnerable. That enhances the prospects for long-term success.    

When will the league launch?

After recieves 8 letters of intent, we will declare the league launch-ready. Once the checks clear, we will declare the league launched. There will be no more than 30 character spots available, unless all the owners vote for more character spots to be made available.  

I want to buy a slot. What do I do?

Read the organizer's agreement and submit the fee to reserve a purchase; or contact any of the organizers, that will be shown below, that suit you. Either option will give you an owner's contract for your review and a letter of intent. 

I want to become an organizer, what do I do?

Read the organizers contract; if it suits you, submit the $1000 refundable contribution (refundable upon league launch). Submitting the fee is deemed your acceptance of the Organizer contract terms. 

The organizers do not have ownership rights in the team, unless they are specified, as such, in the letter of intent.

Successful organizers will get a 5% bonus related to the purchase price of the team.

If two or more organizers must combine interest to create a successful bid, they will split the 5% in terms of what each organizer is able to raise, as specified on the letter of intent. Any adjustments requested will be at the discretion of and is final.

Why a $1000 fee?

This $1000 barrier is a test of whether you can really deliver on building an ownership team. Do you have the contacts to find an owner and build a team? The average person doesn't; maybe you have what it takes. 

If you do, you have the chance to help advance techology, culture, and entertainment for billions.

Good luck.